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Mission and core values

“The future belongs to those who “Dare to stretch minds”

Innostava Mission

Innostava aims to be a market reference point for formula and product development and implementation. “Dare to stretch minds” is our motto. We integrate vision, mission and strategy into our corporate identity by thinking creatively with customers.

We see identity as a collective ambition of an organisation, a formula or a brand that functions as both a foundation and future. Strategically selected communication attributes reflect the interaction with the target audience, culture or society with which the organisation, formula or brand wishes to identify.

Brand value reflects the market perception of a company. Brand identity communicates an organisational strategy to target audiences in a universal way. Innostava translates this brand value into a profit-maximising interior and exterior product.

Core values

The fundamental core values that Innostava stands for leading our clients to success.

  • Customer centricity
    “every decision we make is based on our clients’ needs”
  • Flexibility and effectiveness
    “determined by pro-active, appropriate and effective solutions”
  • Professionalism and quality awareness
    “by optimally using our carefully selected competencies in all of our activities”
  • Transparency, commitment and reliability
    “to be trusted as an organisation of integrity is the most valuable quality”
  • Fresh, creative and innovative
    “by staying one step ahead with intuitive new developments
  • Drive and ambition
    “by performing maximally we create optimum success”
  • Respect for people and their environment
    “based on sustainability and the understanding that you have to invest today to create the valuable future of tomorrow”
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